Why We Focused Extensively on Strategic Technical Content

Technical content is more than just jargon and data. It's the bridge that connects your brand with your audience.

Why We Focused Extensively on Strategic Technical Content
Strategic Technical Content

When I founded LoginRadius, we were one of the earliest players in the CIAM (customer identity and access management) domain, which was slowly evolving. Now, CIAM has mostly decoupled from IAM as a standalone enterprise solution.

Furthermore, as digital experiences increasingly play a significant role in product differentiation and competitive advantage, CIAM has become even more specialized to help consumer-facing applications serve seamless and engaging user experiences.

While we want to help as many enterprises as possible with our CIAM platform to serve their end users better, we also believe in opening up virtual dialogues about information security, CIAM, and digital experiences for retail or consumer-facing businesses so that business leaders can understand the complexity and make informed decisions.

This is why we chose to create content by leveraging our critical thinking, technical expertise, and experience-based first-hand domain knowledge.

LoginRadius Engineering Blog

Over the past few years, we wanted developers to engage more with the LoginRadius platform. In line with this, we started the LoginRadius Engineering Blog, which progressively drew in a larger technical readership. The following provides a more detailed insight into our approach.

Firstly, we established a new initiative through our engineering blog where LoginRadius developers could write articles and share their knowledge on various tech stacks and the LoginRadius CIAM platform. This initiative resulted in the publishing of top-notch, profoundly insightful, and actionable articles. As a result:

  • The wider developer community can gain more insight into developer innovation, how-to articles, and implementation technologies
  • Our brand awareness improved by attracting unique users and traffic from search engines and social media

We also teamed up with other developers online who have practical experience under their belt to create and publish engineering tutorials sharing their expertise.

Secondly, through our numerous articles, we have helped developers quickly and easily integrate CIAM into their website or app, which then allows them to focus more on building out and enhancing their own products and platforms.

Finally, we also created engineering stories that help enterprises and engineering leaders get a glimpse into what we do at LoginRadius to push the boundaries of CIAM. For example, our lead architect Vijay Singh has written an article on Why We Re-engineered LoginRadius APIs with Go?

These efforts have improved our visibility on search engines, helped enhance brand awareness, and driven engagement with positive results for us. In metrics, the engineering blog’s traffic has grown more than 2x, positively impacting our domain authority and thought leadership.

Graph showing users and sessions growth from 2020 to 2022:

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Leadership Articles and eBooks

Following the successful implementation of developer engagement, brand awareness, and CIAM community involvement, the next objective in the strategy was to be more active in technology leadership to reach the wider community.

I aimed to educate individuals on the digital identity domain and the significance of managing identity, authentication, and authorization to achieve a seamless user experience and enhance cybersecurity.

As part of this initiative, I strategized and wrote many articles around digital identity and cybersecurity with modern insights and innovative thinking for renowned magazines and websites such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, and HackerNoon. The vast audience of these industry leaders helped us spread domain knowledge to many individuals.

Next, we identified impactful topics and wrote short yet insightful ebooks to share in-depth information and actionable items about data privacy and the transition to passwordless authentication. The motive was to help enterprises with their digital operation and access management from the experience and learning gained in managing 100M+ user identities at LoginRadius.

As anticipated, these efforts have positively impacted the tech industry and opened doors for us to connect with the CISOs and CIOs of Global 2000 companies. Our collaboration with these industry leaders has allowed us to offer valuable guidance and support to enhance their CIAM strategies and broaden their understanding of identity-related issues. We also assisted these organizations in navigating the constantly evolving landscape of cybersecurity and data protection.


Overall, as an early innovator in the CIAM domain, I believe in creating useful, knowledge sharing content to help businesses of various sizes understand the growing significance of CIAM in securely managing consumer-facing applications and ecosystems. Going forward, we’ll continue to create and share more useful and insightful information.

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Why We Focused Extensively on Strategic Technical Content
When I founded LoginRadius, we were one of the earliest players in the CIAM (customer identity and access management) domain, which was slowly evolving. Now, CIAM has mostly decoupled from IAM as a standalone enterprise solution.