What is Federated SSO (Single Sign-On)?

With fed SSO, businesses can bridge the authentication gap between multiple platforms and enable users to access services without needing a separate login at the partner platform. This blog explains fed SSO and how businesses should leverage it.

What is Federated SSO (Single Sign-On)?

In a world where digital experiences play a crucial role in the overall success of a business, federated SSO (single sign-on) helps brands deliver seamless authentication experiences across multiple platforms.

With fed SSO, businesses can bridge the authentication gap between multiple platforms and enable users with cloud identity services to access services offered by one or more partner businesses/media without needing a separate login at the partner platform.

Authentication plays an essential role in the overall success of a business both from an information security perspective and a user experience perspective.

Hence, neglecting its worth could cause brands to lose their potential clients, and their loyal customers may also switch.

Let’s understand the aspects of fed SSO and how businesses could leverage it to deliver the highest level of user experience reinforced by security.

But first: SSO!

Single sign-on provides a unified login experience to users that wish to switch platforms/applications of the same vendor. In a nutshell, SSO ensures smooth authentication and minimizes fatigue while users switch between different applications/media of the same vendor.

SSO is practiced within an organization to ensure users access inter-connected platforms without needing to re-enter credentials or re-authenticate themselves.

What is Fed SSO? How Does it Impact Businesses?

Federated single sign-on (SSO) establishes inter-organizational trust that helps seamless authorization and authentication of each others’ users.

Fed SSO generates an authentication URL, and when the user clicks on the URL, the cloud identity service makes a digitally signed token to verify the partner platform. And this token is further submitted by the web browser to the partner’s SSO during a new session.

The federated SSO works by offering a partnership role involving two parties, including the service provider (SP) and identity provider (IdP). The identity provider provides a digital token, and the service provider validates the digital token and creates a new session offering access to the program/application.

Who Needs Federated SSO?

Businesses concerned regarding their brand reputation in delivering a rich consumer experience without compromising security shouldn’t ignore the true potential of federated SSO.

With federated SSO, businesses can overcome the hassle of resetting passwords and ensure their customers can flawlessly switch between applications/platforms of different service providers without worrying about their security.

Businesses requiring higher peak load management and an identity management system to provide real-time load management should choose a reliable CIAM solution offering federated SSO capabilities.

Why Choose LoginRadius Federated SSO?

With LoginRadius federated SSO, you can accept tokens and identities issued by niche identity providers of your choice and allow your customers to authenticate on your website for seamless transactions.

Moreover, identity providers can be your organizational partners who already issue and hold digital identities/tokens/tickets. With LoginRadius Federated SSO, your business can leverage that identity and make authentication seamless for your customers.

LoginRadius guarantees unparalleled uptime of 99.99% every month. The cloud-based identity provider manages 180K logins per second, 20 times more than its major competitors!

Apart from delivering the industry's best consumer, the following are a few ways the platform excels compared to its competitors.

  • Scalability: LoginRadius ensures your consumer base accommodates your consumer base. It can autoscale and handle hundreds of applications. The LoginRadius Cloud Directory automatically scales to handle incremental data in real-time.
  • Security Certifications: LoginRadius complies with international regulatory bodies like AICPA SOC 2, ISAE 3000, Cloud Security Alliance, Privacy Shield, and more.
  • Auto Scalable infrastructure: The platform offers an auto-scalable infrastructure to handle surges during daily and seasonal peak loads. It automatically accommodates data storage, account creation, consumer authentication, and new applications.
  • Globally compliant: The LoginRadius platform also complies with major global compliances like the GDPR, CCPA, etc. You can keep track of your consumers, manage preferences, and customize the kind of consent consumers want.

In Conclusion

With businesses swiftly adopting technology to embark on a digital transformation journey, federated SSO can help quickly navigate the journey.

Undoubtedly, brands not leveraging a reliable SSO partner to offer seamless cross-platform authentication and authorization will lag behind the competition.

Businesses can invoke the true potential of inter-business SSO through LoginRadius CIAM and offer a rich customer experience and enhanced security.

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