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Business Standard
Tech Tycoon Establishes Company Intent On Offering Businesses Cybersecurity Products

Thrive Global
How to Remain Resilient as an entrepreneur with Deepak Gupta
Over the past few years, cybercrimes have become more uncontrollable than ever before. Companies have fallen victim to data breaches and unauthorized access to their sites caused by these criminals. It has become imperative that business owners install foolproof cybersecurity tools and have answers …

Yahoo News
How a Cloud Software LoginRadius Is Keeping Your Online Account Secure
Where there are numerous technological advancements taking place in the digitized 21st century, there are only a few of those concentrating on protecting the user’s online privacy.

International Business Times
Deepak Gupta - The Brains Behind Fighting Cybercrimes
Deepak Gupta said Now I am working with customers and businesses to understand their needs to help stop cybercrimes.

Deccan Herald
Deepak Gupta Has Emerged As India’s Popular Cybersecurity Expert
The world is so much smaller these days due to the internet and all its opportunities for businesses and organizations. The downside of this is that some hackers and cybercriminals relentlessly attack businesses and organizations to steal their data leading to total havoc. In turn, no one is truly s…

‎CSA Security Update: CSA STAR Case Study - Guest: Deepak Gupta; Co-founder and CTO at LoginRadius on Apple Podcasts
‎Show CSA Security Update, Ep CSA STAR Case Study - Guest: Deepak Gupta; Co-founder and CTO at LoginRadius - Oct 8, 2019

Deepak Gupta Proves Nothing Really Succeeds Like Success
Making indelible imprints in multiple IT fields, including cybersecurity architecture, writing on cyber-matters, and more, Deepak Gupta is a successful

Exclusive Interview with Deepak Gupta About the Innovation in IT and Cybersecurity
Advancement in artificial intelligence has made the impossible seem achievable. Tech has become an indispensable element in all facets, whether it’s for entertainment, business advertisement, news, or essentials. Ideally, technology has changed the way we

We had a chance to sit down with Deepak Gupta, a tech entrepreneur whose blazing path to fame has inspired many upcoming youngsters. Since his inception into the tech space, the serial cybersecurity architect, writer, and keynote speaker has made remarkable achievements, putting his technological ex…

Deepak Gupta, Co-founder of LoginRadius, on Building a Successful Business
Businesses with higher customer satisfaction are thriving despite the pandemic. A complex and clunky system repels customers; online applications are now innovating with a simple and seamless onboarding as well as a touchless user experience. The technology ecosystem is accelerating in order to achi…
Exclusive insights of Deepak Gupta, Co-founder of LoginRadius |
Starting and running a business is hard. A business owner/entrepreneur understands how much work it is to run a company. People have to put in all their... <a class=“excerpt-read-more” href=“” title=“Read Exclusive insi…

Okta CEO says total addressable identity and access management market near $80B | Biometric Update
The challenges associated with using biometrics in the IAM space are mainly solved through effective integration, says the Okta CEO.

Deepak Gupta On Building An SSO Platform - Starter Story
My name is Deepak Gupta. I am the co-founder and CTO of LoginRadius and built the LoginRadius Identity Platform from scratch and architected this platform to scale globally. My co-founder Rakesh and I started the company in 2014. LoginRadius has grown in the last six years from a start-...

LoginRadius Success : Story about Little Risk & Innovation
LoginRadius : How these Middle-Class Guys Built an $18M Company?

The CTO'S View of a Changing World” on Capacity Magazine [Page 25]

Capacity Magazine
Capacity Magazine - ITW Daily 2020 Day 1

Data Analytic Startups Special November 2019 - CIOReviewIndia Magazine

Corporate India welcomes Narendra Modi-led NDA’s re-election; seeks more corrective measures to accelerate growth-Business News , Firstpost
Harsh Goenka, Chairman, RPG Enterprises, said that the election results show that PM Modi is India’s captain, as state after state shows thumping victories for the NDA.

New beginnings, young hopes - Express Pharma
Young start-up leaders from the pharma industry express their hopes and expectations as the new BJP led government kick starts its second term

Enterprises & customers are opting for Passwordless future: LoginRadius
LoginRadius has released a white paper discovering common password issues, plus the passwordless solutions that enterprises use to successfully improve customer experience. The whitepaper outlines the

Enterprise Application Provider LoginRadius Secures $17 Mn In Series A Funding
LoginRadius has raised a $17 Mn Series A funding round led by ForgePoint Capital and Microsoft’s venture fund, M12.

LoginRadius’ report reveals that enterprises & customers are opting for passwordless future
LoginRadius released a white paper discovering common password issues, plus the passwordless solutions that enterprises use to successfully improve customer exp

General Elections 2019: Reactions from India Inc and the startup world to Modi 2.0
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP-led NDA party won a landslide victory in India’s General Election results. Here’s looking at how the country’s startup leaders and entrepreneurs reacted to the verdict.

LoginRadius Advances Authentication with ‘Sign In with Apple’ Integration
LoginRadius announced integration of Sign In with Apple with its cloud-based identity platform. This addition joins their existing social login offering of 38 i

LoginRadius simplifies Customer Identity Management
Today, with the increasing market size of Customer Identity management, the number of players in the CIAM has also grown exponentially. CIAM market provides mature data management solutions with stand

‘Sign in with Apple’ explained: Privacy, convenience and security take centre stage
Apple is soon going to roll out ‘Sign in with Apple’ log in module for all platforms. Here’s how it works.

What the IT Industry Expects from Budget 2019
The Budget 2019 will be announced by Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister of Finance and Minister of Corporate Affairs on 5 July 2019

Union Budget 2019-20: Startups want angel tax to be abolished, corporate tax to be reduced, make capital more accessible-Business News , Firstpost
Startups hope the government will continue to drive the growth agenda for new businesses, taking further steps to ease the regulatory burden

LoginRadius and the Start Up Story - TechStory
This is the story of LoginRadius- an online security management platform and excerpts from an interaction with the founder.

The customer information and security landscape in India: Deepak Gupta, LoginRadius
LoginRadius CIAM platform aims to help firms securely manage customer identities and data to deliver a ‘unified customer experience’

LoginRadius founder sees huge growth opportunity in linking websites to social media
Rakesh Soni talks about the growth strategies of he and his partner Deepak Gupta’s company LoginRadius, which recently won $1.3-million in financing