How to build a cybersecurity team for startup

How to build a cybersecurity team for a startup, what things to do and how to keep it lean

How to build a cybersecurity team for startup
Photo by Tobias Mrzyk / Unsplash

As a startup, you have a small team. Maybe you have some people in your IT security team who might not be experienced. But they have a basic understanding of it.

And if you want to start the cybersecurity team with a limited budget, you can do a few things.

There is a lot of public knowledge out there. There are a lot of online courses available where your team can learn essential cybersecurity, and they can learn about specific challenges that you are having about cybersecurity. So use public knowledge as much as you can.

The second thing you can do is buy some books. If you have some specific challenge, buy a book that will give insight into how to solve those problems and build up your cybersecurity knowledge within your team.

The third thing many forget is the weekly lunch and learn sessions, where your team members can pick a topic and explain it to the whole team every week. This builds communication within the team and allows everyone on your team to learn more about cybersecurity!

Another step is that while you're building your cyber security brochure, you can start making an internal knowledge base for your cyber security. You can start building up the playbooks of incidents that have happened or could happen in the future, so some of those playbooks and internal knowledge base would always be helpful, not just for now but even in the future as your company grows.

And last but not least: every city nowadays has local cybersecurity meetups and webinars where security experts talk about cybersecurity and teach or train people about it! Encourage your team members to learn about cybersecurity and build their knowledge base at these events.