How AI will Transform Software Development - Benefits of AI in Software Development

How AI will Transform Software Development - Benefits of AI in Software Development

As we talked about the Impact of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Software Development in Part-1, now we'll look at how software development will benefit from AI.

The benefits of AI in software development

Traditional software development will remain; but, it is bound for a modern transformation thanks to artificial intelligence. Regular software can easily handle all key components, such as front-end product interfaces, security and data administration. The AI method can help the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) resulting in higher quality software by supporting the following functions:

Accurate estimates

Software development frequently exceeds the pre-determined budget and deadlines. Reliable estimations necessitate a high level of expertise, a thorough awareness of the context, and familiarity with the implementation team to deal with this. Machine learning helps facilitate the training of data from previous projects. These projects can include user stories, feature descriptions and estimations to anticipate work and funds.

Code refactoring

For team cooperation and long-term maintenance, a simple and clean code is crucial. Large-scale restructuring will become unavoidable as companies upgrade to the latest technologies and some less painful requirements emerge.

Error handling and automatic analytics

Machine learning aids in analyzing system logs, enabling much faster and proactive flagging of issues once the technology is enabled. Moreover, it is feasible to allow the software to dynamically change the error answer without any human interaction in the future.

Intelligent assistants

Programmers devote a significant amount of effort to reviewing documentation and troubleshooting code. Developers can save time using intelligent programming assistants to provide in-the-moment guidance and recommendations such as best practices, code examples and relevant documents.

Strategic decision making

With so much time spent on different products and features, it is easier for developers to evaluate which ones need to get prioritized and which ones may get eliminated. Companies can train such an artificial intelligence platform by accumulating experience from past development project errors to aid in reviewing the performance of existing apps.

Quick prototype

Considerable amounts of time and strategy are required to transform business requirements into technical solutions. As a result, with the help of machine learning, developers can shorten this process by allowing fewer technical domain professionals to design innovations using natural language visual interfaces.

We'll talk about ways to integrate AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Software Development in Part-3.

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How AI Will Transform Software Development
As AI is already helping human developers at every stage of the development process, software development will only improve with AI.